18-26 November 2017 NEC
The UK's Largest Motorcycle Show

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The 1Jac is all about quality, with inspired design, precision engineering and using the highest standard of materials. The 1Jac is the ideal partner for any serious motorcyclist, whether you’re a serious DIY mechanic, track-day specialist, professional racer or everyday biker.The 1Jac frees your bike from pressure and places it in a compression free state which helps with the longevity of the forks, suspension and brakes. It prevents your tyres from developing flat spots and stops the nipping of headstock bearings.Using the 1Jac is simple, align it to your bike, slot it home and lift. It really is that straight forward, both wheels free. The 1Jac has been designed for total ease of use, lifting your bike becomes a one person job. You can lift your bike without any assistance and with no more traditional paddock stand mishaps!…’Airborne in 1.62 seconds’

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