18-26 November 2017 NEC
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Bike-Seal is the introducer of two significant safety driven products to the UK motorbike community, offering unrivalled puncture prevention and cure:

  1. Bike-Seal Puncture Prevention System – A unique, puncture prevention tyre sealant which seals punctures of up to 15 mm diameter permanently. Made from synthetic fibres (used to make bullet proof vests) and manufactured in the USA , originally for the US forces specifically to be “ shot at!” This product is used by the US, UK and NATO forces, and has been extensively M.I. R.A tested and approved for use within the Blue Light Emergency Services. Now sold world-wide commercially in 47 countries, this product is now available for motorbike protection through the Bike-Seal brand. Seals up to 95% of tread area punctures – Seals punctures up to 15 mm diameter – On/off road No speed restrictions – A mechanical not chemical reaction – Freezing point of –35C Non corrosive – Tubed & Tubeless Tyres – TPMS Compatible – No shelf life IT JUST WORKS! Come and see the ongoing demonstrations of this product working, and actually doing what it claims.
  2. Safety Seal Compact Travel Kit – A self vulcanising 12 plug emergency puncture repair kit for tubeless tyres. TUV tested in Germany to 186MPH. Safety Seal systems originate in the USA, and are widely used by the Ice Road Truckers because of the superior performance and durability. Safety Seal is now recognised as the leading preferred supplier of such systems to the motor trade in Europe. Exclusive to Bike –Seal as the UK distributor, this lightweight, space saving kit has been designed specifically for the biker, to be carried in a pocket, rucksack, pannier or under the seat. Both these products are available to buy at the Show.

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