18-26 November 2017 NEC
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Electronic Security Identification System for Motorcycles and Scooters.

Datatag’s identification system has now been in use since 1992 and there are now over 700,000 motorcycles protected by Datatag in the UK.

Based around unique electronic RFID transponders that provide an electronic ‘finger print’, the system also uses tamper evident warning labels, ‘stealth’ UV etching and Datadots® to provide an identity which criminals cannot remove. So successful in deterring theft is this system that it has been adopted as the main thrust of the motorcycle industry’s fight back against motorcycle theft under the MASTER Scheme name and is now fitted as standard to almost all new motorcycles sold in the UK from the major brands.

Pre 2012 machines, which did not have MASTER Scheme fitted are now being targeted at an increasing rate due to their not being protected and Datatag urge owners to fit an aftermarket system to protect their bikes. Datatag’s technologies are also used in the construction, agriculture and marine industries to tackle similar theft issues and among thieves Datatagged products are fast becoming too hot to handle.





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