18-26 November 2017 NEC
The UK's Largest Motorcycle Show

Nick Calendar CoverPleased to announce I am launching my new film, “Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man” – my first film for 4 years.

This film is 97 mins long. Fantastic cameo appearances from a glorious cast of characters such as Robert Dunlop, Martin Finnigen and in a spectacular fusion where racing meets adventure, they all mix with Nick’s world record journeys to rub shoulders with sponsors, coaches and industry insiders, discussing the merits of a lifetime of achievement from one man, Nick Sanders. Along with much unseen material from his epic motorcycle rides, watch also his archive footage flying a hot air balloon with Victoria Wood, his canal boat journey to the Black Sea and his BBC backed record breaking bicycle ride around the world in 79 days.

This is a superb testament to a 35 year epoch of adventuring that as well as being truly historic, will almost certainly never happen again.


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