18-26 November 2017 NEC
The UK's Largest Motorcycle Show

IMG_0093It seems like forever that I’ve been working in and loving the biking world. Half of my life has been dedicated to entertaining, certainly my own fanbase with record breaking stories, books and films. Always I’ve strived to either be the fastest biker around the world as well as along the length of the Americas, but even better is trying to be the first. I was the first person to put speed into adventure riding, first to lead paying clients on a “concept” tour to the Top of the World Highway in Alaska and also the first to lead 22 riders 33,000 miles around the world in 2002, first to ride the Americas 3 times and twice non-stop in my double transit journey, “The Incredible Ride”. So, “fastest” is kind of ok, but for me, “first” is better.

When the organisers of Motorcycle Live asked me to do a “Cinema” over 8 years ago, that was a “first” followed up by their own highly successful version a few years later. Now I shall be launching two new “firsts”:

In October, The Nick Sanders “Motorcycle Cinema” was launched at Yamaha dealerships nationwide, whereby participating stores will be dressed in the guise of a “Cinema”. It’s kind of bonkers, but we like that. A list of participating dealerships will be posted on Nick’s website – www.nicksanders.com –┬áthe highlight of this new venture will be performing at Motorcycle Live.

The other “first” is, after a many months of work, the launch of my latest film – the first for 4 years, and following on from my autobiographical books of the same name, “The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man”.

Nick’s latest film looks at his early life, family matters, the early days of sponsorship, the struggle to become, after years of trying, a professional adventurer.

This film, is THE film to see, it fuses documentary style with art-house, amalgamates great scenes of motorcycle endurance with humbling pictures of the world as he saw it, spanning 5 continents, over 100 countries during his 35 year adventuring career.